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from informal toward ethnic within intercultural context


We are working with organizations, peer economic actors and community leaders willing to deal with the revenue insufficiency of what we call the “People of Endeavour”.


Once upon a time the “People of Endeavours”

The insufficiency of income, which may take the form of monetary insecurity or poverty when it is advanced, is a phenomenon that affects groups of populations that become vulnerable because of the loss of their cultural, social and especially economic reference environment. This loss is mostly due to the deterioration of living conditions which leads to the choice to migrate to more favorable areas for their development. This is an opportunity for economic migration interstate (immigration) and intra state (rural exodus). The most common destination of these populations are large urban areas of relatively richer countries in the sub regions which thus constitute a space where people and goods can move.

We are focusing on women and youths economic empowerment.

We are from these people that we have called the “People of Endeavours” (ethnic workforce bound to economic migrations; the expatriates). We face many integration challenges once on their welcoming ground. The integration is almost always associated with the idea of access to local resources primarily employment to provide in particular a decent living income and status. Given the difficulties of achieving these circumstances we, The Wisemen Council, act indirectly by reinforcing the action of organizations working on the ground in improving the economic empowerment process and directly to facilitate the transition of skills of immigrant workforce to entrepreneurship. Indeed, we believe that it is a valid solution to the problem of insufficient income. Our contribution is therefore in the areas of economic development and cultural identity. Our opinion is that informal entrepreneurship fueling ethnic entrepreneurship within intercultural contexts. This is why we choose to position ourselves and build an expertise in project strategy to allow any innovative or skilled person with a business idea to accomplish it and transcend his vision. To know the detailed profile of our customers, we invite you to download our Leaflet below:


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