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IIntroduction to the Ka Method - Publications - The Wisemen Councilntroduction to the Ka Method

The Ka method gives a soul back to a company and impersonates it while creating the conditions necessary for the development and fulfillment of the company and its people. This is a new vision of business. The purpose of this method is to establish the performance necessary for acquisition of wealth and creation of value by definition of lean intention in the attitude. This type of wealth means the goods necessary for non impediment of its spiritual development and the renewal of the feeling of Pride. Eco Animism is an informal, simple, supportive approach of economics that leads to a positive way of doing business.

The economy by animism and spirituality


An overview of the challenges within the ethnic entrepreneur com - Publications - The Wisemen CouncilAn overview of the challenges within the ethnic entrepreneur community

The economy is the challenge in this era where people are fighting to prevent the disappearance or cultural alienation. This first analysis devoted to ethnic entrepreneurship lays the foundation for a reflection, observation and a better consideration of this factor of social integration (communities and individuals). Talking about foundations means take an overall look on the realities that characterizes it and share it. Without being exhaustive we have focused on 7 major aspects in our view. This is an opinion that either opens the debate or urging change and even more reclaiming your soul (capital and capacity) of Ethnic entrepreneur.


The informal entrepreneur : between efforts and little wealth

In the indifference of powerless looks

The informal economy has always stirred a lot of writing but in fact it’s a human experience to live that consists, most of time, playing an ungratefully, a role of seduction to buyers. The latter are consuming randomly due to budgetary rigor. Therefore, the indifference appears in instead of the primary attitude of communities that must, ideally, show solidarity with their entrepreneurs. Once again, the recall of the necessity to acquire economic power by Wealth and Pride through ethnic identity will lead popular communities to re-appropriate the course of time towards the accomplishment of their destiny.