Members of the Consortium

Because we see the world differently


Governance Team

Entreprise Tenant

Community Leader

Omar Al Muetedil (Holyway)


Economic Actor

Ahmed ibn Amina (MIC)



Council of Residences

Strategic Orientation Poles

Da, Râ, Fa et EL, OM



Business and Community Project Peers


The main Peers for corporate projects integrate our Shared Vision Partnership (SVP) model that wants to go beyond the simple Public Private Partnership (PPP) by involving civil society (NGO) and the business community (VSEs and SMEs), the Technical-Financial Partners (PTF) and the Private Consulting Firms (PCP) and Think Tank such as The Wisemen Council in achieving the objectives of economic (international organization and institutions) and community (municipalities and local collectivities) development projects with better impact and better performance in their management. We reinforce them with Management Consulting Services.



Moral resources

Shaykh Omar Koné

Honorary Member (E-Licence)

Imam of Al Amine Mosque and Shaykh of the Naqshbandi Sufi Center. Shaykh Omar is very involved with the cultural and local communities of Montreal and its surroundings. He advocates a message of Peace and Tolerance in the tumult of misperceptions about Islam. He is of great welcome and support for people seeking meaning in their being and their life.



Melviva Benga Bengone

Honorary Member (Engagement)

Former Director of CNRS in Libreville, Gabon. Ms Benga Bengone has been involved in many activities and researches aiming to the valorization of the Traditional Negro African Heritage including, among others, the Informal Industry, Women socioeconomic roles and the Mystical Self Knowledge. She is know for her media presence on Africa n1 and conferences in many African Countries.



Achille Ubalijoro

Honorary Member (Enterprise)

Achille Ubalijoro is Managing Director and Project Executive Consultant at Kabera Consulting Inc. He is passionnate about linking business results to a delivery system based on a combination of industry best practice and world class project/program management. He held various positions at differing levels with Bombardier Aerospace in Engineering, Manufacturing and IT, including technical, analytical and project lead roles. He embraced a successful management career either as project manager, Senior Manager Transition, Program manager or Executive Consultant and is interested in board positions where his digital transformation expertise can be leveraged.



Master Sylvain “Bobos” Adoho

Honorary Member (E-Commerce)

Master Sylvain Bobos Adoho is a FA Priest, Numerologist, Palmist, Chirognamonian Physio and Spiritual Master in several orders who shares his knowledge with the whole world. He leads the NGO Chandelier de la Paix in Cotonou. His teachings in connection with living Spirituality and universal Culture are a source of inspiration for us and refer to our positioning in the World.



Ibrahim Kabore

Honorary Member (Employment)

Ibrahim has been an Advisor specializing in entrepreneurial development for many years. He works with entrepreneurs, self-employed workers in the Montreal ecosystem as an expert speaker in business culture; Coach-expert in business project idea validation; Generalist trainer in business plan drafting; and Entrepreneur Support Program / Service Designer.




Arnaud Segla

Consultant Manager (Strategy and Think Tank)

Arnaud Segla is the Project Director of the Management Integration Consortium, The Wisemen Council, specializing in strategic organization. He is the Author of many books including, among others, the first practical guide series of its kind on ethnic entrepreneurship and proposes an alternative method in business, through the recourse to a simple but effective strategic reflection on your project. He is also a Certified Advisor and accompanies future and current Ethnic Entrepreneurs…




Responsible of the Seeds  (Networking, Outreach and Influence)





Mentor (Community and Public Relation)




Boris Agbahoungba

Financial (Audit)

Boris Agbahoungba is the promoter and main consultant of FINASS CONSULTING. After several years of experience in banking and finance, he has been able to develop proven expertise in financing companies of all sizes and their support.



Ibrahim Ofangobi

Coordinator (Process)

Ibrahim Ofangobi is the manager of the firm NOSINAN CONSULTING and Co-Investor in NOSINAN Group. It carries out polyvalent activity in the management of projects of several domains notably infrastructures, renewable energies, technologies, agribusiness etc. with proven expertise in issues affecting rural areas.




Investors (Capital-Lease)




Aïssata Sow

Administrator (Promotion)

With many years of experience in translation, editing and bidding for community projects, she uses practical field-based writing techniques. Promoter of the firm TRADUCTION AS, Aïssata is known for its application in administrative tasks and its rigor.



Moulaye Idriss Sow

Salesperson (Prospection)

Graduate in International trade and Management Moulaye Idriss is the Deputy Director of the Consortium. He’s in charge of the prospection of the service offer in Strategic Organization for the Consulting Firm and the Think Tank. He’s involved in the promotion of the Inclusive Community Economy Body of Knowledge useful for the Informal Alternative Quality Label Franchise of The Lean Intention Attitude.



Affiliate Team

Consultant Pool

Thematic reinforcement, Intervention and project management.

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