Project Team

Because we see the world differently


Governance Team

Entreprise Tenant

Community Leader

Omar Al Muetedil


Council of Residences

Strategic Orientation Poles

Da, Râ,  Fa et EL, OM


Moral resource

Shaykh Omar Koné

Honorary Member

Imam of Al Amine Mosque and Shaykh of the Naqshbandi Sufi Center. Sheikh Omar is very involved with the cultural and local communities of Montreal and its surroundings. He advocates a message of Peace and Tolerance in the tumult of misperceptions about Islam. He is of great welcome and support for people seeking meaning in their being and their life.



Arnaud Segla

Consultant Manager

Consultant specializing in ethnic entrepreneurship and Project Management. He offers very practical training to enable participants to realize their projects within a short time frame.



Fumilayo Adekounle

Responsible of the Seeds (and Assistant to the Direction)

Student in Entrepreneurship and Project Management, she prospects the opportunities and the markets for the company. She lives in Benin from where she takes an active part in the socio-economic development of young people and active women like her.



Boris Agbahoungba


Boris Agbahoungba is the promoter and main consultant of FINASS CONSULTING. After several years of experience in banking and finance, he has been able to develop proven expertise in financing companies of all sizes and their support.



Ibrahim Ofangobi


Ibrahim Ofangobi is the manager of the firm NOSINAN CONSULTING and Co-Investor in NOSINAN Group. It carries out polyvalent activity in the management of projects of several domains notably infrastructures, renewable energies, technologies, agribusiness etc. with proven expertise in issues affecting rural areas.



Aïssata Sow


With many years of experience in translation, editing and bidding for community projects, she uses practical field-based writing techniques. Promoter of the firm TRADUCTION AS, Aïssata is known for its application in administrative tasks and its rigor.



Awa Thiandoum


Graduated in Hotel and Catering, Awa is involved in several commercial activities aimed at the working class and diasporas in the implementing countries of The Wisemen Council. It promotes the company’s work as the main entry point for support services for socio-economic sovereignty. She is one of the pillars of the company as a Mentor and best advisors to the Manager on many socio-economic spheres.



Technico-Financial Partners


The main donors for corporate projects integrate our Common Vision Partnership (CVP) model that wants to go beyond the simple Public Private Partnership (PPP) by involving African Civil Society (NGO) and the Diaspora Business Community (TPE and SMEs), the Technical-Financial Partners (PTF) and the Private Consulting Firms (PCP) and Think Tank such as The Wisemen Council in achieving the objectives of development projects with better impact and better performance in their management.



Oumar Fall

Responsible of peers’ engagement

Oumar is the CEO and Founder of NEPHILA which is a versatile interactive communication agency offering its clients services ranging from initial strategic thinking, to online promotion, graphic design and the development of their website. He is sharing with us his know-how in now-Know to set up our online strategy.



Affiliate Team

Consultant Pool

Thematic reinforcement, Intervention and project management.

Please contact us ( to send your resume or your online profile.



Aicha Anta Ndiaye

Sales support

Aïcha is involved in the world of the showbusiness, the art of scene, and informal trade in Senegal. She gives her help to the diffusion of the body of knowledge in Economy of Community.



Cathy Kesling

Supporting Member

Cathy is a professional in Human Resources and Administration who gives her moral support and time to the dissemination of the Community Economy Knowledge Corps (The Lean Intention) and the Anthology on Ethnic Identity (The CRI of the Calabash).