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The Wisemen Council was created in 2009 in Montreal, QEC, in response to a need for a Project Management Consultants with transversal skills. The positioning gradually evolved cumulatively towards the support of ethnic entrepreneurs with the composition of the Doctrine of political economy of the Ka Method in 2012 for the diaspora in the West, then towards international development through the empowerment of informal entrepreneurs leading in 2018 to a Schism of our Consulting Firm and Think Tank with arbitrary policies of various capacity building and the application of a model of feminism contrary to traditional and mystical local values against a privileged and pressing access to resources of Southern countries. Barter considered unjust in terms of training and cooperation which we want to substitute for Models of Organization Viable for Entrepreneurship Settling (MOVES) and Shared Vision Partnerships (SVP). In 2020, the civil rights of Economic Actors and Community Leaders of our target populations (Perfora: Ritual people Islamologist and Ancestrologist; Diaspora: Virtual Allophone people; Fraternia: South America, Sub-Saharan Africa, South Asia) are threatened by Stress ( danger), Manipulation (debt) and Doubt (data) with a new type of Great Anguish on Health paving the way for the virtualization of World Finance. So we have chosen to launch ourselves with the weapons, the souls and the manes at our disposal to work towards the manifestation of our Vision of the Market Economy: “Make the informal economy a quality alternative to the Liberal System for the advent of Economy in Religion and Ecology in Spirituality by replacing Man within the Heart with individual Philosophies around a Faith of Simplicity, all for the Socioeconomic Sovereignty of the Homes of the South, West and their Sympathizers ”. It is for this purpose that we propose to support in Strategy (Competition), projects and initiatives for better performance and adaptation to Ecosystems in the context of the rise back of Black Civilization around the World. You are invited to join us in this challenge according to your interests because we are scanning a wide range of Synergy (Concurrent) possibilities through products, services and routines. In God our Trust.

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The financial crisis of 2020 has accelerated our service offering for businesses in critical financial situations. Indeed, with the geopolitical agenda which triggered a little bit artificially the conditions instead of waiting for a natural occurrence but not always controllable, the first world economic place replayed its final, in our view, along with a framework of a socioeconomic “war” or  competition. It all starts with this “Reset” after which everyone is more or less affected. The skills of our team are used to draw up and even steer strategic business recovery plans and to advise entrepreneurs in their important decisions. We are following a roadmap that allow Informal Philosophy to enrich International Consulting within Management Strategy, Commercial Processes, and Informal and Ethnic Entrepreneurship. Since year 2000 we have been preparing to intervene in crises to give support to ethnic entrepreneurs or others in difficulty. It is therefore an opportunity for Africa and its Diaspora to be reborn and our Peace, Pay, Purveyance and Power is to help you, out of a spirit of service, to make money again despite the harsh environments.

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